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When you search Beautysavings finds matching items and displays the lowest price for each store.

To see coupons or promo codes select 'Coupons' from the menu.

Select 'Shopping List' from the menu to search for a list of products. Beautysavings will display the stores which offer all the products on your shopping list at the lowest price.

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Beauty Savings - Products.

When you search for products, Beautysavings finds matching items and displays the lowest price for each store.

When you are searching for more than one brand or product select 'Shopping List' from the menu. 'Shopping List' can search for a list of products and return results showing where you can buy all the products you are looking for at the lowest combined price.

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You can filter the results that will be displayed when you search. You can choose to exclude either US or UK websites. By default websites in both countries are displayed.

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